Cad illustration - $35/hr

Vector drawings using Adobe Illustrator with front, back, side and callouts, done to scale with exported files you can keep for your design library.

Patternmaking - $55/Hour

Creation of a paper or digital pattern from your sketches or drawings.

Sample Sewing - $30-$45/hr

Construction of a sample from a previously reviewed pattern or pattern created by MADE.

Production Sewing - priced per piece or hourly

Small scale manufacture or production of a product or garment. Pricing to be determined and calculated by the piece after an initial sample is created and recommended pattern changes are made. 

Pattern Testing or Review - $60/hr

Proofing an existing pattern and set of instructions for accuracy.  Includes a professional report of changes or additions made to the pattern and/or instructions. 

Pattern Grading - $65/hour

Converting a base size pattern into a size range. Generally, no more than two sizes up and two sizes down. The grade chart should already be determined but MADE can assist in creation of a chart if necessary. These pieces can then be laid into a marker plot.

Digitizing - $55/hr

Conversion of a paper pattern into electronic format to make sharing or changing your pattern more efficient and convenient.  It also gives your paper pattern a longer lifespan.

Design Consultation - $50/hr

Collaboration of ideas and concepts to develop the design and aesthetic you are trying to achieve in your final product. We then present sketches, swatches and samples of your design concept for review and approval.